Small group or private professionally coached personal training sessions are the most effective way to achieve your desired fitness goals efficiently. The uniquely designed programs are tailored specifically to suit the needs of each individual, taking into account current fitness, potential injuries, limitations and nutrition.

Online coaching is a cost-efficient and flexible option which allows you to reach your personal health and fitness goals wherever you are in the world. This service is useful for those who can not meet with a coach regularly due to location, family or work commitments. Get one-on-one expert coaching online to help shed layers of body fat, and get leaner and stronger in just 12 weeks.

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Sports Massage uses hands-on techniques to manipulate the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body. Numerous strokes and techniques are used at differing speeds and pressures to help breakdown tension in the muscles, re-align the muscle fibres and connective tissue, and flush away toxins. You do not need to participate in sport to benefit from massage therapy.

Client Testimonials

I highly recommend Velocity Fitness. The knowledge, skill and attention to detail is outstanding. One of the best I’ve worked with within the profession.

Darran Harris

I regularly drop in for much needed maintenance during intense training. I highly recommend Dane for Massage Therapy to those suffering with muscle tension from either sport or job related issues.

Ben Pink

I have been through some seriously intense programs with Dane. Totally pushed my body beyond it’s limits every time which has massively helped physically and mentally during competition.

Jodie Myers

I have recently started training with Dane. I now know what personal training is all about! He works me to my limits and ensures that I improve each session. Tracking my performance and ability, giving me the confidence to lift more than I have previously. In the short time I have trained with Dane I already feel stronger and fitter.

Jane O’Toole

I’ve experienced some gruelling sessions with Dane. I’ve now completely changed my approach on Strength, Conditioning & Nutrition which has positively effected my performance and recovery.

Ben Nugent


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