What Is Semi-Private Personal Training?

Our Semi-Private Personal Training gives you the opportunity to receive expert coaching at a fraction of the cost of our one-to-one Personal Training. This involves you following a bespoke training program designed specifically for you, sharing your session with 2-5 people. Your personal trainer will be on hand to motivate and ensure you are following the program effectively.

How Semi-Private Personal Training Works

Step 1: Click the ‘Book Now’ button below and complete the application form. This feedback allows us to gain an understanding of what you are wanting to achieve from the program.

Step 2: We will call you for an initial consultation, this gives you a chance to ask any further questions and for us to explain the program in more detail.

Step 3: You will come in for a full consultation and screening. We will cover everything from previous exercise history, injuries, dietary requirements, full nutritional assessment and a movement assessment. The feedback we receive from the consultation will allow us to put together a complete lifestyle, nutrition plan and unique training program.

How frequently will I be working with my personal trainer?

At Velocity Fitness our Personal Training programs are a minimum of 2 personal training sessions a week. You can opt to purchase more personal training sessions but initially we recommend 2 sessions (depending on your competency) and we will then set you additional workouts to complete which will be part of your bespoke training program.

Do you offer training blocks in 5 and 10 sessions?

Velocity Fitness personal training programs are sold in only 3, 6 and 12-month packages.

This allows us to effectively plan and structure your workouts and nutritional plans based around your chosen investment plan.

We focus on delivering results and by offering a block of 5-10 personal training sessions our opinion is that there is no way we can plan a program for you as we have no time frame to work from.

By having a structured program of 3, 6 and 12-months it allows you to sit down with your personal trainer and plan your training programs effectively.

Please Note: We do not offer Pay as You Go personal training sessions.

We only work with people who can commit to a certain time frame (based on their desired goals) and not those looking for an unrealistic quick fix.

Can my friend and I train together?

We offer a Private 1-2-1 Personal Training program and a Semi Private Personal Training program. This is where you can train with 2-5 other people (friends, family or other registered members).

Semi Private Personal Training is similar 1-2-1 Personal Training in that you all have your own personalised programs to work towards your desired goals but the only difference is you are sharing the Velocity Fitness personal trainer.

Do you offer nutritional plans and food choices at Velocity Fitness?

Yes, we offer bespoke nutrition plans and advice during your membership.

Do you offer any cheaper alternatives to Personal Training?

Semi Private personal training comes at a reduced cost to Private Personal training. We also have group classes as an option for you to participate in.

We recommend these classes alongside our personal training as we can then monitor all of your activity too.

Will I get the results I am desperate to achieve?

We can guarantee you will get the results if you follow what we say and commit to the program. This for some people may take longer than others as everyone adapts to new nutritional plans and exercise differently.

Often people adapt quickly and it has a huge impact on their progression, seeing results immediately and feeling better within themselves.

The most important thing to remember is always believe in yourself and never give up. Set yourself a target and be determined to achieve what you set out to do. You will have days where you struggle but people only fail when they quit and your Personal Trainer at Velocity Fitness will not stop supporting you.

Why should I use a personal trainer as opposed to getting a gym membership?

Look at it like this; you walk into a gym, a fitness instructor gives you the club membership forms to sign up and perhaps an induction to go with it, which generally is too much to take on board all at once. You might then be given a one off program for your first session and off you go…

Then picture this, your personal trainer arranges a private meeting with you and goes through exercises, nutritional plans, food choices and lifestyle requirement.

You will then complete a screening assessment. This is to identify any potential injury risks, strengths, weaknesses or muscle imbalances within the body.

Your personal trainer will then build your mobility and exercise program based on your initial assessment and your screening report. Ensuring it is customised to you.

You will meet with your personal trainer every session who will take you through each workout. Ensuring you execute all of your exercises effectively. They will motivate and encourage you towards your desired goals.

Our Personal Training packages are for 3, 6 and 12 months.

This commitment allows us to sit down with you and program effectively towards your desired goals for the duration of your membership. You will be required to train with your coach for a minimum of two sessions per week, included is an initial client movement assessment, customised nutrition plan, bespoke training program, app support and progression monitoring, access to our private Facebook group. What we expect from you is simple – complete commitment by turning up to every session giving 100% effort and following our lifestyle principles.

The following prices are based on a minimum of 2 sessions per week.

(3 months) – from £25.00 per session

(6 months) – from £23.00 per session

(12 months) – from £20.00 per session

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